Partners FLEXCON 2022

We have a great programme lined up for you at FLEXCON 2022. See the schedule below.
The following companies will give a presentation during FLEXCON:

Company Scheduled at Presentation(s) Speaker(s)
AMPECOMonday, 10.00-10.30Optimising Work and Home Charging: Now versus What it could beAlexander Petkov
Aug.eMonday, 11.20-11.50Future sustainable business parcs are flexible and smartStefan Lodeweyckx
BAMTuesday, 15.00-15.30 TROEF: Contribute to the Internet of Energy!Dennis van Goch
Bamboo EnergyMonday, 15.00-15.30First Demand response and flexibility pilot projects in Spain Cristina Corchero
BEIS and TNOTuesday, 13.10-13.40Pushing smart appliance flexibility forward: Why we need standards and regulationLaura Schade and Wilco Wijbrandi
CleanWattsTuesday, 10.30-11.00Energy Communities and Flexibility – new opportunities ariseMiguel Brandão
Delta-EEMonday, 10.30-11.00Why is pan-European flexibility so difficult and what can we do about it?Jon Ferris
Delta-EETuesday, 10.00-10.302021 European Market Monitor for Demand Side FlexibilityLucinda Murley
EatonMonday, 11.50-12.20How data centres can support Europe’s high renewable grids​Paul Williams
EatonTuesday, 9.40-9.55 KEYNOTERemoving roadblocks on the route to 2030Delphine Clement
EatonTuesday, 10.30-11.00Financing solutions for commercial storage and EV charging infrastructureAndreea Laplace
EconicTuesday, 11.20-11.50Changing the energy game with Energy as a ServiceJoris Jonker and Jaap Willems
ElaadMonday, 13.40-14.10Accelerating EV and Solar by combining power demand management (SmoothEMS) with an extra safety net (Gridshield) Marisca Zweistra
ElaadTuesday, 15.00-15.30Combined Smart Charging: Optimizing flexibility in low voltage gridMarisca Zweistra
EliaMonday, 9.10-9.25 KEYNOTEDelivering a consumer-centric system through open access to dataDavid Zenner
EliaMonday, 10.00-10.30Updating the current market design
to fully empower consumers
Amanda Leroux & Anna Tsiokanos
EliaMonday, 13.10-13.40Enabling consumer-centric services at scale Matthias Masschelin
Enel XTuesday, 11.20-11.50Empowering Decarbonisation with Demand-side FlexibilityDaniele Andreoli
Enel XTuesday, 15.00-15.30Role of Demand-side Flexibility (DSF) in the Energy TransitionCem Basar
EnergyPoolTuesday, 11.50-12.20How doing the right things right drives innovation and growthMarc Vergroesen & Pascal Gain
Energy Systems CatapultMonday, 11.50-12.20The UK’s approach to Open Data and DigitalisationGreg Johnston
EPEX SPOTMonday, 9.25-9.40 KEYNOTEFlexibility, a key economic & strategic solution to the current context and for the energy transitionJonas Törnquist
EPEX SPOTMonday, 11.20-11.50Challenges, opportunities and developments in the field of Local Flexibility Markets (LFM)Philippe Vassilopoulos
EquigyMonday, 15.30-16.00
Tuesday, 10.00-10.30
Unlocking distributed smaller flexible energy sources across EuropeRene Kerkmeester
FlexcityTuesday, 14.10-14.40New flex providers balancing the gridCedric de Jonghe
GOPACSMonday, 14.10-14.40GOPACS, the platform to solve congestion in the electricity gridSabine Dujardin-Papo
GridXTuesday, 16.20-16.35Build digital energy solutions in days. Not monthsWilli Appler
HaulogyTuesday, 13.40-14.10Monetizing Flex: saving 15% energy cost via smart water treatment and active energy network managementEric Vermeulen
Hiven EnergyTuesday, 15.00-15.30How retailers can win while empowering consumers with smart charging and smart heating servicesJani Leirimaa
JedlixTuesday, 13.10-13.40How thousands of electric cars are actively contributing to a stable grid todayBas Lottman
KNXTuesday, 9.25-9.40 KEYNOTEEnergy Management with KNX - today and in the futureJoost Demarest
KNXTuesday, 10.00-10.30Further Technical Insights for the realization of Energy Management in relation to EN50491-12-2 via KNXMathias Runge
Net2GridMonday, 10.30-11.00Enhancing Smart Charging with Smart Meter Data AnalyticsBram van der Wal
Next KraftwerkeMonday, 14.10-14.40Cross Market Flex OptimisationElias De Keyser
NODESMonday, 15.00-15.30Paving the way for flexibility and shaping the energy market of the futureRichard Sarti
N-SIDEMonday, 10.30-11.00From the market model choice to daily operation: the flexibility journey of a System OperatorJulien Le Baut
Open Flex Alliance and Flexible Power Alliance Network (FAN)Monday, 13.10-13.40Towards an open European model for unlocking the Energy Flexibility of heatpumpsPieter van Alphen
OpenADRTuesday, 11.50-12.20Flex in a boxRolf Bienert
Port of AmsterdamMonday, 14.10 - 14.40Local energy collective solves grid congestion in Port of Amsterdam Reinoud Botman
Port of Amsterdam & Shared Energy PlatformMonday, 13.40 - 14.10How to optimize power on a (DSO) substation level, without creating a monopoly and actually enhance competition?Robin Schipper
PowerledgerMonday, 11.20 - 11.50How blockchain-enabled Local Energy Markets benefit distribution utilitiesCristina Mata Yandiola and Vinod Tiwari
Schneider ElectricMonday, 15.30-16.00How digital buildings will play an essential role in providing flexibility to the grids of the futureDennis Rutten
SIA partnersMonday, 13.40-14.10Unlocking the value of Flexibility Jeroen de Laat
SiemensTuesday, 13.10-13.40 Gridmaster HIC Rotterdam, robust and adaptive investement planning for energy infrastructuresMel Valies and Jan van Dinther
SmartEn and FANMonday, 9.00-9.10
Tuesday, 9.00-9.10
OpeningAdriaan van Eck
Michael Villa
SmartEnMonday, 16.00-16.30
Panel discussion: Towards a European energy data spaceAlexander Kofink (cyberGRID) and John Bayard (Piclo) Panel chairman: Michael Villa
SmartEnTuesday, 15.30-16.00Panel discussion on Local Flexibility Markets
Introduction (Interview Format) with Epexspot - Philippe Vassilopoulos.
Panel Chairman: Andrés Pinto-Bello. The other panelists are Simon Bushell (Sympower) and Ciro Lanzetta (i-em).
SpectralMonday, 11.50-12.20 How innovative, smart energy solutions can be leveraged to solve the growingStefan Kop
TechnolutionMonday, 15.00-15.30Are you flex enough?Winifred Roggekamp & Peter Heijnen
TibberMonday, 15.30-16.00 Lessons learned from delivering residential demand response at commercial scale Joakim Salqvist & Jacob Dalton
tiko Energy SolutionsTuesday, 10.30-11.00How to successfully implement residential VPPsSandra Trittin & Ann Goossens
TKI - Club van WageningenMonday, 9.40-9.55
How to prevent Silicon Valley-like domination in the new Energy shere?Xander Smit
TKIMonday, 10.00-10.30Energy communitiesAndré Zeijseink & Jasmijn Kleij
TNOTuesday, 11.50-12.20Non-technical drivers and barriers related to Energy Flexibility for consumers and industry Nicole de Koning and Kevin Broecks
TNOTuesday, 13.40-14.10How to make energy flexibility in the built environment work: applying the S2 standard in practiceWilco Wijbrandi & Mente Konsman
TNO and BEISTuesday, 13.10-13.40Pushing smart appliance flexibility forward: Why we need standards and regulationLaura Schade and Wilco Wijbrandi
TotalEnergiesTuesday, 9.10-9.25 KEYNOTEQuantify and leverage flexibility to increase (public) Smart Charging performanceJules van Dijk
TotalEnergiesTuesday, 13.40-14.10Energizing vs Empowering the EV Driver:
Quantifying the impact of optimized Smart Charging flexibility in the public space
Jules van Dijk and Bram van Eijsden
TotalEnergiesTuesday, 14.10-14.40Engaging the EV-driver in smart chargingRoos van der Ploeg
Vito / EnergyvilleMonday, 13.10-13.40Solving congestion or how flexibility is only one piece of the puzzleHelena Gerard
Vito / EnergyvilleTuesday, 14.10-14.40BEMS & Smart charging: a multi asset approach towards comfort at the lowest possible costThomas Polfliet
WiththeGridTuesday, 16.00-16.40 Removing the bottleneck for more flexibility: Unlocking flexibility through one single APIPaul Mignot

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