Monday june 27 2022

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First Demand response and flexibility pilot projects in Spain

The higher penetration of Renewable Energy Sources and its inherent stochasticity is changing the way
in which electricity is traded and managed in the electricity system. European Directives incentives
consumers to play an active role in the electricity system and to collaborate to maintain its stability,
which has been historically provided by large generation power plants. Spain has recently opened
balancing markets to consumers and now they can provide flexibility services to the System Operator
through an aggregator. Due to the high penetration of intermittent renewable generation and limited
interconnections, in Spain there is a large need for flexibility provided locally. Coupled with high prices
due to European wide high wholesale prices the value of the Spanish market is high.

This presentation aims to show insights about the main lessons learnt thanks to the pilots’ implementation in the operation of flexibility assets during 2021 and the barriers found due to the immaturity of the regulation, and the main opportunities that are raising in Spain. The pilots demonstrated the possibility for distributed energy resources to provide flexibility services to the Distribution System Operator (Coordinet H2020 and Electraflex project) and to the Transmission System Operator (Europastry and Nexus project).

Presented by Cristina Corchero, CTO and Co-founder of Bamboo Energy

Cristina Corchero - Bamboo Energy

About Cristina Corchero

Since November 2015, she has been leading the Research Group of Energy Systems Analytics within the Catalonia Energy Research Institute working on European and industrial projects together with a multidisciplinary team. She works on the application of mathematical modelling and advanced optimization procedures to energy systems. She combines research interest and knowledge on data analysis and modelling to enhance the results obtained from the optimization techniques for energy systems including electricity markets, energy management systems or electric vehicle.

In 2020, she founded Bamboo Energy to demonstrate that applied research can result in real commercial solutions. We aim to enable the participation of the energy demand into the flexibility markets in an optimal way. She also operates agent at the International Energy Agency, on the Vehicle Grid Integration of the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology Collaboration Program and is a Serra Hunter professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

About Bamboo Energy

Bamboo Energy, the recently founded spin-off from the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, has launched an innovative software aggregation platform to manage the flexibility of multiple type of assets (industries, buildings, batteries, electric vehicles, etc…) in energy and flexibility markets. The platform allows retailers and aggregators to maximize the flexibility value of their portfolio and offer new products to their customers.

Bamboo Energy

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