Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 1
11.20 - 11.50

Changing the energy game with Energy as a Service

Presented by Joris Jonker from Econic and Jaap Willems from EnergyZero

Joris Jonker

About Joris Jonker

Doing business with a visionary outlook is in Joris Jonker's blood. His passion for making the world independent of fossil fuels, combined with his business acumen, ensures that he is always one step ahead of the energy market and government measures.

When Joris started the company Quby almost twenty years ago, his goal was to make energy consumption transparent for consumers. This led to Toon, a smart thermostat that now has a million users in Europe. He sold his company to Eneco and, driven by the need to leave the world a little better behind, he went looking for a solution to accelerate the energy transition. And that is what he now does with econic, a company headquartered in a former gas factory in Amsterdam Noord that offers Energy as a Service. Through a buy and build strategy the company grew explosively in the past few years and is now active in The Netherlands and Germany. econic has the ambition to turn every home in Europe into an e-home, the fossil fuel-free house of the future.

Jaap Willems

About Jaap Willems

Jaap Willems is the innovation manager of EnergyZero and responsible for the development of Smart Home applications. Always in the leading group of new propositions, Jaap has a broad experience with bringing new concepts to the energy and mobility market. In the past he was co-founder and director of ATEPS, board member of EnergyStorageNL and business owner of Mijndomein Energie.

About Econic

We are econic. A company abuzz with the energy needed to accelerate the energy transition. We want to turn every home into an e-home. All across The Netherlands and abroad. We believe it can be done and we make it fun, easy and financially feasible. Not by waiting, but by taking action. Not with high investments, but by only paying for use.

We believe we can solve the challenges the energy transition is facing through our Energy as a Service (EaaS) offering. econic sees huge potential in turning these challenges into one smart and sustainable solution on a community, city and country level. That's how we want to create a world without emission, together.


About EnergyZero

EnergyZero was founded to change the energy game. From the start EnergyZero aimed to be different by being transparent about energy prices by charging customers real energy market prices, increased with a service subscription fee. This way EnergyZero does not (want to) earn money from energy usage and is therefore truly motivated to help (end-)customers reduce energy consumption and energy costs. The energy services platform delivers access to the energy market to our business partners. In co-creation with these business partners EnergyZero develops energy-as-a-service propositions. With dynamic pricing as a core-product the end-customer easily learns the true value of energy. Together with our business partners we maximize the customers comfort with a one-stop-solution and unlock the value of flexibility. This is done by using smart algorithms, intelligent API-links and excellent UX. Completely white labeled with their own corporate identity.


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