Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 2
11.50 - 12.20

How doing the right things right drives innovation and growth

EnergyPool will take you on a journey around the planet and share how we support the energy transition and provide access to clean energy in exotic but less resourceful areas. Marc and Pascal will explain how their efforts to support the energy transition in remote and challenging areas help to innovate and implement solutions to complex problems closer to home. Smart congestion management, micro grid solutions and revenue optimization are just a few of the topics that will come by.

Presented by Marc Vergroesen and Pascal Gain from Energypool.

Marc Vergroesen EnergyPool
Pascal Gain EnergyPool

About Marc Vergroesen

Marc Vergroesen joined Energy Pool recently as Country CEO Netherlands. He is responsible for leading the Dutch growth activities where he and his team closely engage with the many stakeholders involved in keeping our transmission and distribution grids continuously in good shape. Previously Marc worked in various management positions in Orsted, currently being the global leader in offshore wind development. From these positions he saw the renewable energy industry enter the hypergrowth phase, and realized that without the right transmission and distribution infrastructure this growth will have to slow down or significant investments will be needed. Flexibility of the demand side of the energy system and smart use of data are in his view key to enable the cost effective hypergrowth of renewable energy buildout and the electrification of society as a whole.

About Pascal Gain

Pascal Gain joined Energy Pool in 2021 taking over the position of Head of Sales in the Software Business Line. At the heart of the smart grid revolution, Energy Pool’s “Energy Management System” software platform controls and optimizes complex systems (decentralized production, renewable energies, storage devices, energy consumption of industrial sites,...) for a more intelligent, economical and low-carbon energy management. Previously Pascal has over 15 years of technical, sales and marketing experience at Schneider Electric, and 15 years as the Head of Power Simulation business at CORYS. Pascal has a Master of Engineering with a major in Information Technologies from the "Ecole Centrale de Lille" in France.

About Energypool

Energy Pool manages and optimizes the energy consumption of industrial sites and, more broadly, of complex systems (distributed generation, renewable energy, storage asset, etc.) for a smarter and more sustainable energy management. Our energy flexibility monetization services enable the easy integration of renewable energies, help reduce CO2 emissions and allow to achieve substantial savings. Energy Pool has been one of the pioneers in the French flexibility market since 2009, and now has more than 100 employees worldwide. Key partner of industrials, Energy Pool launched “The Active Factory” a new service offering aiming to unlock greater flexibility potential to serve decarbonization strategies.

Backed by a 10-year experience in energy flexibility operations, we also provide utilities and system operators with proven expertise and technology to implement and operate their own energy flexibility management and demand response programs. Finally, our service offering does include a unique software platform enabling the management of all types of distributed energy assets for renewables and microgrids developers and a more efficient management of the challenges initiated by increased DER penetration on utilities distribution networks.


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