Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 3
15.00 - 15.30

How retailers can win while empowering consumers with smart charging and smart heating services

Increasing cost volatility, continuously changing mix of energy production, and constantly growing grid flexibility needs … it matters more than ever before when and how we consume energy, making algorithms the key to a greener future. But how can we build compelling energy management products to consumers already today? What are the real life values of smart charging? How can we connect to and steer the heating and cooling of a home?

Jani Leirimaa from Hiven will present answers to these questions with case examples from the Nordics. Jani will present ways to build value by connecting home appliances over the cloud and steering them in a smarter way – for lowered consumer costs, smaller environmental impact and additional revenue from grid services and portfolio optimization of a retailer. But most importantly, offering consumers compelling and engaging products they actually value.

Jani Leirimaa

About Jani Leirimaa

Working with retail market design in various countries and expert groups, Jani has emphasized the importance of empowering consumers with the ability of being in control of their consumption through variable energy pricing and demand response. Now as the CEO of Hiven, a Fortum group venture, he is building for a greener future with the Hiven B2B2C energy management products for smart charging and smart heating & cooling – empowering consumers with algorithms and making appliances smarter over the cloud.

About Hiven Energy

Hiven Energy delivers market leading energy management products as a B2B2C-service to energy retailers, home appliance manufacturers, charge point operators, and others that are looking to building new value to their consumers. The product is a B2B2C service that includes:

  • Easy-to-implement front-end features, embeddable in existing apps
  • Cloud-to-cloud connectivity to smart home appliances such as EV’s, EV chargers, heat pumps and other heating appliances. No additional hardware or installations needed!
  • Automatic smart energy management for smart charging and smart heating: a value stack consisting of consumer price optimization, demand response and wholesale market optimization.
Hiven Energy

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