Monday june 27 2022

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Cross Market Flex Optimisation

The need for flexibility increases in both spot and reserve power markets, but these markets evolve continuously and can change rapidly. It becomes increasingly important to combine these markets for optimization, or to switch between these different markets. Next Kraftwerke has developed solutions to exactly do that. Elias de Keuser from Next Kraftwerke will illustrate this with some interesting cases.

Elias de Keyser - Next Kraftwerke

About Elias De Keyser

Elias De Keyser is Energy and Flexibility expert at Next Kraftwerke Benelux. He assesses the opportunities of flexible assets in the short-term and ancillary service markets and helps to unlock them for clients and partners. In recent years, he was also closely involved in the development of Next Kraftwerke’s renewable PPA product offering in the Benelux. He coordinates research and innovation projects at Next Kraftwerke such as the H2020 Serendi-PV project and the Tennet aFRR pilot. The daily contact with project developers, traders, system engineers, grid operators, and regulators has given him a unique insight into the dynamics of the electricity markets.

About Next Kraftwerke

Next is an European aggregator, specialising in trading electrical flexibility on the short-term and reserve power markets. In Europe, we currently manage a portfolio of more than 10,000 installations with an aggregated capacity of more than 10 GW. Next is active in the Benelux since 2014 and quickly grew to become one of the main reserve power suppliers to Elia and Tennet. By providing innovative solutions and deep market expertise to grid users, active participation in regulatory discussions, and through pilot projects of grid operators, Next has carved out a role for flexible assets in the Belgian and Dutch wholesale and ancillary service markets.

Next’s proprietary Virtual Power Plant optimises thousands of technical installations of our flexibility partners based on real-time data, short-term forecasts, prices, and local constraints. Our apps and online platforms help owners and operators monitor and optimise their installations in real-time. With our presence in both short-term and reserve markets and ability to integrate production, energy storage, and demand response, we deliver a one-stop-shop solution for flexibility and renewables. We look forward to working with you to make the energy transition a reality!

Next Kraftwerke

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