Monday june 27 2022

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Towards an open international model for unlocking the Energy Flexibility of heatpumps

The mission of the Open Flex Alliance is to come to an open European model for unlocking the Energy Flexibility of heatpumps. With millions of devices expected to be installed the coming years, heatpumps present both challenges and chances for the energy transition, both all-electric as hybrid heatpumps. Our mission is to unite the heatpump industry and energy system stakeholders to come to an open international model for unlocking the Energy Flexibility of heatpumps, in such a way that manufacturers can market their own strategies and exceptional qualities to the full advantage of their customers, whilst offering energy system innovators a clear and cost effective way to use many heatpumps in the smartest ways.

The Open Flex Alliance is an initiative from Flexiblepower Alliance Network and TKI Urban Energy. The Alliance addresses both hardware and connectivity as software, controls and cloud connection. This presentation will show the results of our work to this day.

Pieter van Alphen

About Pieter van Alphen

Pieter van Alphen is the founder of Techneco, a company that developed two heat pumps for residential construction itself and was the market leader in this sector in the Netherlands with a very great future perspective. Techneco is now part of Remeha (BDR Thermea Group).

Pieter has also been – amongst others – chairman, co-founder and board member of the Dutch Heat Pump Foundation (DHPA and now the Heat Pumps Association: VWP), a branch organization for the industry and suppliers of heat pumps in the Netherlands.

About Flexible Alliance Network (FAN)

Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN), founded in 2013, wants to stimulate the flexibility of the energy system. FAN wants to make an open and fair energy system possible, in which surpluses and shortages of sustainable energy are absorbed by means of flexibility in energy supply and demand. FAN strives for maximum utilization and opening up of flexibility in the energy system through the use of open standards. Tariffs, regulations and markets can and must stimulate the flexibility of energy supply and demand. FAN aims to create broad support in Europe for its ideas, in which an open standard for flexibility, free access to the market, opening up as many potential flex sources as possible and freedom of choice for the end user are central.

FAN - Flexible Power Alliance Network

About TKI Urban Energy

TKI Urban Energy stimulates the development of innovations for a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in the built environment. Under the banner of the Top Sector Energy, TKI Urban Energy is working on forming promising partnerships between Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and other parties.

TKI Urban Energy

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