Monday june 27 2022

Track 3
13.40 - 14.10

How to optimize power on a (DSO) substation level, without creating a monopoly and actually enhance competition?

Shared Energy Platform (SEP energy) and Port of Amsterdam will jointly discuss the current congested situation within the Amsterdam Port area. The situation is critical. For new companies to be located in the port, as well as for existing customer to expand their business/ change to more modern energy resources.

  • How to orchestrate and optimize power on a substation level?
  • Best to optimize when all connected companies join, but how to create a willing community?
  • How to prevent a platform monopoly?
  • How to cope with the incumbents?
  • How to scale this to other substations and to make sure it’s still part of the larger grid and power ecosystem?

Port of Amsterdam and SEP will share their vision on these matters, but will also reach out to you. A great number of pieces of the puzzle are there. Many are ours to make available/ready to use in a new energy system. Small enough to proof how this system could work and big enough to gain critical mass for an (opensource) first-mover advantage that could potentially scale worldwide. Come join us and let’s start sharing energy!

Robin Schipper

About Robin Schipper

Robin beliefs in a world where we will find different ways to organize ourselves. If we work on shared (digital) infrastructure and aim to put our efforts towards good stewardship we might be able to let the economic forces work in our favor. We can compete, flourish and create customized value in the last mile. Creating aligned communities is crucial and I hope I can contribute by creating/supporting one in the world of energy.

About Shared Energy Platform

Shared Energy Platform, or SEP in short, enables companies to share their energy resources. We match demand and supply of electricity real-time. Renewable sources, such as solar and wind, will replace fossil sources such as coal and gas in the short run. Also, on the consumption side significant changes take place. Just have a look at the growth in electric vehicles or electric heat pumps. The pressure on our energy infrastructure is immense. Improving the grid is expensive and time consuming. SEP therefore aims to optimize the existing infrastructure as much as possible. We do so by sharing energy production assets and consumption assets. Thereby creating and sharing extra bandwidth on each other’s grid connections. If all sources are used and the system is still congested, SEP will make sure extra power is added to the system.

SEP aims to optimize power locally. Preferably per substation of the grid operator. Peeks in demand or supply can be avoided so more power can flow through the same copper cable. Next to increase flexibility, the system as a whole will become more cost competitive.

SEP is initiated by Port of Amsterdam in close cooperation with Entrnce, a 100% subsidiary of grid operator Alliander.

Shared Enery Platform

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