Monday june 27 2022

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11.20 - 11.50

How blockchain-enabled Local Energy Markets benefit distribution utilities

Local Energy Markets (LEM) with peer-to-peer trading offer a way to orderly scale up renewables in the power system while contributing to grid resilience. Leveraging the benefits of smart contracts and artificial intelligence, LEM can delimit the needs for grid flexibility, offer automated demand response (ADR) and contribute to avoiding grid congestion, allowing DSOs to improve predictability and flexibility planning on their grid management operations.

Cristina Mata Yandiola

About Cristina Mata Yandiola

Cristina leads the European market expansion of Powerledger's blockchain platform for decentralized energy, grid flexibility and renewable energy certificates. With extensive experience in distributed energy systems, grid integration of renewables and electricity markets, Cristina drives Powerledger's impact towards decentralized, decarbonised, resilient power systems and more efficient energy certificate markets. Over the past decade Cristina has worked in the optimization and management of renewables and their grid integration at Iberdrola, Fraunhofer Institute and Selco Foundation. Cristina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in energy engineering from Madrid Technical University and a Master's degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Technical University of Berlin (Germany), specialising on power system transformation and grid flexibility.

Vinod Pic 2

About Vinod Tiwari

Based in Perth, Vinod leads Powerledger’s global business expansion team, establishing partnerships to leverage its blockchain technology for transactive gird including spinning up local marketplaces for energy trading, grid flexibility trading and environmental commodities trading. Vinod is a thought leader and an energy sector specialist with over two decades of experience in strategy, policy, commercial & business development across the supply chain, and a focus on orderly decarbonisation and transformation of energy markets through the integration of Distributed Energy Resources and new technology. Vinod is also a fellow of International Blockchain Climate Institute and has presented extensively on democratisation of energy around the world including Capitol Hill and UN events in the past. Vinod holds an electrical engineering degree and MBA and has held many senior executive roles internationally, including working for General Electric, Perth Energy,
Future Effect and Regen Power has been actively involved in Powerledger’s global business development for over 4 years.

About Powerledger

As the grid changes from a centralised to a distributed one, we need to help support the new configuration with a highly agile market. We develop software for our clients and partners that allows consumers and producers to track, trace and trade every kilowatt of energy.We are developing systems that bring resilience and flexibility to electricity grids.




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