Tuesday june 28 2022

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13.10 - 13.40

Pushing smart appliance flexibility forward: Why we need standards and regulation

The need for energy flexibility from smart appliances is becoming more and more apparent. Yet there are still barriers that hinder the uptake of energy flexibility in the build environment. In this presentation we will look at what these barriers and how we can overcome some of them using standards and regulation.

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About Laura Schade

Dr. Laura Schade is an Energy Engineer in the Science and Innovation for Climate and Energy (SICE) directorate in BEIS. Laura’s work is focused on the shift to a smart energy grid, particularly in the area of flexibility and domestic demand side response, ensuring that effective technical solutions are in place to support the transition to Net Zero.

Laura holds a PhD from University of Oxford with a thesis on perovskite photovoltaics, a Master’s in Condensed Matter Physics and a Bachelor’s in Physics from Sapienza University of Rome, both summa cum laude


About Wilco Wijbrandi

Wilco is a smart energy researcher at TNO, the Dutch institute of applied scientific research. He has a background in Computing Science. Wilco works on ICT in the energy domain, with the goal of allowing more renewable energy in our energy mix. He works on both algorithms and protocols for energy management, demonstrating technology in lab settings, pilot projects and in cooperation with commercial parties, and is involved in standardization of protocols. Technologies Wilco has worked on include S2, ReFlex, PowerMatcher and EF-Pi.

About BEIS

The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) brings together responsibilities for business, industrial strategy, science, innovation, energy, and climate change. In particular, BEIS is responsible for:

  1. Developing and delivering a comprehensive industrial strategy and leading the Government’s relationship with business
  2. Ensuring that the country has secure energy supplies that are reliable, affordable and clean
  3. Ensuring the UK remains at the leading edge of science, research and innovation
  4. Tackling climate change
  5. Promoting competitive markets and consumer interests


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About TNO

TNO is the largest Research & Technology Organization (RTO) in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. We connect people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society. We work for a wide variety of customers: governments, the SME’s, large companies, service providers and NGOs. Through 4 programmes the TNO unit Energy Transition strives for:

  • Renewable electricity
  • CO2 neutral industry
  • Sustainable subsurface
  • System transition



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