Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 3
14.10 - 14.40

Engaging the EV-driver in smart charging

The EV-driver of tomorrow is an important stakeholder in the roll-out of flexibility solutions and reaching the true potential of smart charging. How do we engage the EV-driver in the smart charging revolution? TotalEnergies operates over 10.000 charge points facilitating e-mobility for over hundred thousand EVs in the Netherlands and continuously works on the further leverage of development of smart charging techniques in the public domain to make sure we constantly increase the potential use of available capacity and renewables. The EV-driver will be an important parameter in the models; therefore, we need their commitment to participate. On June 28 we will talk to each other on the different models to engage the EV-drivers of tomorrow, share experiences and ideas to on the next step in the revolution.

Presented by Roos van der Ploeg, TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland

Roos van der Ploeg - TotalEnergies

About Roos van der Ploeg

Roos van der Ploeg is manager business development B2G at TotalEnergies. She is responsible for all new propositions surrounding charging solutions in the public domain. Roos has been working in the e-Mobility business since 2013, when the sector was still in its infancy. As a consultant at EVConsult she has worked on various e-Mobility projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad. She witnessed the maturing of the EV landscape and its ever-growing impact on society. Her mission as manager Business Development B2G at TotalEnergies is to further increase this societal impact by accelerating the rollout of public charging solutions among Dutch municipalities and regions, and thereby contributing positively to climate ambitions.

About TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies is a multi-energy company driving the energy transition. We are committed to energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to as many people as possible. On our road to net zero in 2050, we increasingly invest in sustainable forms of energy and in new technologies to make them work in our society. With 10.000 charging points in the public domain, we are one of the main CPO’s in the Netherlands. As one of the largest eMSP's, we encourage everyone to join us in the energy transition.


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